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Admission and Leaving

  1. Candidates for admission should be introduced by their parents or proper guardians who shall remain responsible for their regular attendance & good conduct. They must moreover come provided with:
    1. A Leaving Certificate if they come from a recognized school. The Leaving Certificate of a student joining from a school outside of Goa must be countersigned by the Educational Inspector at the District in which the previous school is situated.
    2. A certified copy of the marks / grade obtained in the last examination.
    3. The Birth Certificate/ Leaving Certificate and vaccination Certificate for new admission in Std. I to VI.
  2. Candidate will be examined in the matter of the class below the class they propose to join.
  3. A Leaving Certificate will be issued only on application (on the prescribed form) from parents or responsible guardians. Such applications should be made a full month before the intended withdrawal.
  4. No Leaving Certificate will be issued if all the dues are not fully paid. No fees will be charged for the issue of the Leaving Certificate in the first instance if it is taken immediately after leaving school. Copies of the first Leaving Certificate and any other kind of certificate will bear an office fee of Rs. 5/- each.