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Improvement of Grades

Overall performance of the candidate is based on the achievements in both Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic subjects as follows:

Grades under Scholastic areas can be improved in one or two subjects as per the total Grade Points scored under Co-Scholastic areas and activities in the following manner:

  1. If a student has scored between 65 and 100 (assuming the total maximum marks in C0-Scholastic are 100) Grades in the subjects under Scholastic (academic) are to be improved in the summative test.
  2. If a student has scored between 33 and 64, Grade in one subjects under scholastic (academic) is to be improved.
  3. If a student has scored less than 33 than no improvement of Grade in subjects under Scholastic is possible.
  4. No Grade in the subjects of Scholastic academic can improved twice.
  5. The improved Grade has to be shown with an asterisk. The asterisk should below by Stating “Grade improved because of Co – Scholastic performance”. Improvement of grades is to be done in each Semester. All assessment has to be school – based.