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Child Abuse

Provincial Structures for Child Safeguarding:

Reporting Flowchart

1. Child Safeguarding Roles

The Provincial Leader, is the Leader of the Province who is ultimately responsible for ensuring the implementation of the Child Safeguarding Policy and related procedures in the Province.


The Provincial Leader


The outgoing Provincial Leader is responsible for ensuring that the incoming Provincial leader given full access to all documentation and information regarding safe-guarding children issues within the Province.


2. Provincial Committee for child –safe-guarding

The Committee:


3. Provincial Team Link Person

The Provincial Team Link Sister:


4. Provincial Safeguarding Coordinator

The Coordinator:


5. Provincial Designated Officer

The Provincial Designated Officer


6. Local Designated officer

The Local Designated officer


7. Support Person

He/ she offers support to the abused person or family as appropriate.

The Support Person is to assist where appropriate with communication between the child (abused person) and the Designated officer.

8. Adviser:

The adviser offers support to the alleged abuser or respondent and to the family or religious community as appropriate.

Child Abuse:

Child abuse is any act, or failure to act, that results in actual or potential harm to a child under the care of someone in a position of greater power than a child(18 or under). Child abuse is generally categorized into 4 broad forms:

1.Physical Abuse

It is an act of inflicting pain/injury to a child by hitting, shaking, throwing, poisoning, burning, scalding, drowning, suffocating or any other act of violence that may cause temporary or permanent damage to the child’s body affecting his / her normal growth and development.

2. Emotional abuse

It is also called psychological abuse. It is bullying, using harsh and rough language, ridicule, humiliating and degrading treatment, creating terror or fear in the children which could cause serious behavioural, cognitive, emotional or mental distress/ trauma. It is also denial of affection, appreciation, affirmation, consistency and security which hampers the personality development of the child. It is a component of all other forms of abuse.

3. Sexual abuse

It involves forcing or enticing a child to take part in sexual activities, including prostitution, whether or not the child is aware of what is happening. Sexual abuse is any sexually motivated touching of a child, whether actual or threatened, including all forms of sexual activities such as socially taboo touching, rape and activities that do not involve physical contact such as showing the child pornographic material or exhibitionism.

4. Neglect

It is an act of omission, where the child suffers significant harm or impairment of development by being deprived of food, clothing, warmth, hygiene, intellectual stimulation, supervision and safety, attachment to and affection from adults, and failure to access appropriate medical care or treatment. It is a lack of personal attention, concern, understanding which amounts to rejection. Neglect generally becomes apparent in different ways over a period of time rather than at one specific point. It is the persistent failure to meet a child’s basic physical and/or psychological needs, such as the neglect of, or unresponsible to, a child’s basic emotional needs likely to result in the serious impairment of the child’s health or development.

Procedure for Recording the Information:

It is a vital that anyone raising a concern should strictly follow reporting procedures:

Child, Parents/ guardians, peer group, staff, sisters, well-wishers.

Local designated officer.

Oral disclosures to local designated officer.

Written disclosures to local designated officer.

Using disclosures/ reporting box.

If abuser happens to be the Head of the Ministry then allegations are reported to Provincial/ Province Designated Officer directly.

Standard Form For Reporting Allegations Of Child Abuse Is Available In The School Office.