"Love one another as you have hitherto done." - Nano (Honoria) Nagle

Students and Examination

  1. No student will at any time be exempted from an examination, except with the permission of the Headmistress. Student who has been absent from an examination for a valid reason may do it later with permission. This exam will take the same time and carry the same marks as on its substitutes.
  2. Students found copying or attempting to copy, communicating with each other, exchanging question or answer papers will be penalized by being expelled and debarred from appearing for that paper.
  3. There will be two summative and two formative examinations. Also Orals/Practical’s, Assignments will be conducted and the same are counted for the final average and for the promotion.
  4. Application for verification of marks at the last examination will be considered at the discretion of the H.M. and scrutiny fee is payable in advance. These applications are to be made by the student and counter-signed by parents/guardians. In no case answer paper will be shown to the parent/student.